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  1. Willy Whiten…you really don’t think techniques have changed and improved in the last 50 years when a multitude of other things have?

    1. “you really don’t think techniques have changed and improved in the last 50 years when a multitude of other things have?”~William Schnorr

      It depends on how you define “improved”. If you mean that the intelligence community has become even better at deceit, I suppose that might be called and “improvement”. Do you consider The PATRIOT Act an “improvement” to the peoples liberties?

  2. I really don’t understand why everything hasn’t been released. After 50 years, will it really affect national security?

    1. “After 50 years, will it really affect national security?”~William Schnorr

      Of course! Anything revealing how many lies and attempts to obfuscate the truth and deceive the people of the United States will “affect” the national security meme. And it will reveal that the techniques used then are in continuance to this very day.

    2. “Continuity of a Coup d’etat.” Many MIC systems in play in 1963 – some of which Kennedy intended to dismantle – are fully functional today. The players come and go but the ideology and agenda of unbridled power is alive and well. Their methods must not be exposed. One can study the history of Bell Helicopter/Textron/Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for instance to get an idea of continuity. These military contractors continue to thrive after 50 years; public disclosure of even a peripheral role in the overthrow in 1963 of our elected government would not bode well with an informed electorate.

      1. “For more than 25 years, and over a million flight hours, our unmanned systems have enabled users, from the Department of Defense to {OIL AND GAS} enterprises, to safely extend human capabilities in dangerous and uncertain situations. Our proven unmanned aircraft, unmanned surface vessels and command and control systems enable users to see, understand, and act decisively when time is critical”


  3. Michael, I think another offical who should have seen the hangman was little Dickie Helms for continuing this national security line until the day he did die.

  4. I am still perplex…. If LHO was a “Lone nut” (Which means he had no co-conspirators!?) Than WHY was Allan Dulles (Ex CIA director, fired by JFK) one of the people on the Warren Commission? His only purpose in my opinion is.. that he was the “Damage control officer”! His only job would be to Control, Deny and cover up any evidence that would linked the CIA to the assassination!Congressman Ford on the other hand should have been arrested and thrown in jail for altering material evidence (the back wound entrance) I always wondered what Hoover had on Ford to get him to jeopardized his career for this? There should have been executions for the following…Johnson, Dulles, Hoover for Treason!

  5. Mr. Morley, I’d like to subscribe to your blog, but don’t know how to go about it. I can’t “Log In” since I’ve not been there before.

    I am an avid reader of anything to do with the JFK assassination. My family was active in politics and I want to keep that tradition going.

    Best regards,
    Anita T. Monroe

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