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I want to apologize for neglecting JFK Facts for a few days — OK, a week. I had some other commitments, but frankly I also need a break occasionally from the JFK story, a subject that is at once contentious yet elusive, obviously important and yet somehow odd in the eyes of the world. Getting JFK facts straight sometimes seems like parting the ocean with a fork.

Then I looked at The Straight Dope forum (“Fighting Ignorance since 1973”) on the JFK story and found both comic misstatements (“The Zapruder film doesn’t show the ‘fatal’ shot at all, since a highway sign blocks the view of his camera”), and useful data (the question of why the fatal shot drove JFK’s head back and to the left recurs so often that it has to be treated as the single most important fact of the case). So I decided it was time to get back to work.


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  1. The JFK assassination is not “elusive.” It is not unsolved nor is it a mystery. People have known for a long, long time that the government murdered John Kennedy. The only missing ingredient is the psychological will for Americans, especially the elites, to accept this. Google:

    “The Waters of Knowledge versus the Waters of Uncertainty:
    Mass Denial in the Assassination of President Kennedy by E. Martin Schotz”

    1. You live in the happy bubble of your own certainty Robert. That is slightly different than the reality perceived by the rest of the world.

      Go check the comment boards on JFK and see what “the people” know.

      They don’t “know” the government did it. Polls show people are equally divided between the CIA and non-governmental entities like organized crime or Castro or the KGB.

      If you would spend some time in someone else’s reality, you woud see that “The people” are deeply confused. They are looking for answers. They don’t necessarily share yours.

      1. You are right. And Martin Schotz does an excellent job of describing why that is the case.

        The truth about the JFK assassination is so discrediting to so many American institutions – the government, the elite media especially, both political parties, academia, a slew of high level politicians for decades, and notably the Council on Foreign Relations who has been at the center of pushing this lie for 50 years.

        Here is another book that describes the behavior of these elites, particularly Chris Matthews, a prime example:

        1. Jeff – one thing that is interesting though is that most people just don’t buy the LHO did it alone theory. It just stinks too much. The head snap back and to the left and the Ruby assassination of Oswald alone, even without knowing the litany of other things that stink, are enough to make anyone think this whole thing stinks, big time.

          Tons of people that were insiders in the JFK circle firmly believe he was felled by a rightwing conspiracy. Most of them won’t ever go this far on the record, though some have. I’m sure you’ve talked to a lot of people off the record and know this better than any of us.

          The Kennedy clan were so afraid that they waited 50 years to speak out on it. Think about that for a minute. But can you blame them? The people that killed JFK did it in broad daylight and were willing to risk killing Jackie too. It was outrageously brazen. Then a few years later Bobby starts making noises about finding out what really happened and he’s whacked too. Jackie moved out of the country because she didn’t feel safe, and again, who could blame her? It’s all more sordid than any fiction you could write.

          I agree that the evidence connecting the dots really isn’t there, and it probably won’t ever be. But there’s enough to at least get an impression of what probably happened, especially when you put it in the context of the big picture power realities of the time. I admire your tenacity on this topic, as I’m sure it wasn’t the best career move. Which is of course, totally unfair.

  2. I can’t say that I have anything to offer except that I am very glad to be here to look at what you have, most notably the information on the JFK assassination files and those done by R. H., historian.

    As a journalistic type, I look for places that compile historical information and I am glad to see what you have done here. I am new so I have plenty to go through!

    Thank you for your service in the search for the truth!
    J. Holmes

  3. Understandable, and welcome back. You’re wise: when you become disillusioned, take a step back; when you get bogged down in the muck, return to the crime scene. We were herding the butterflies while you were away.

    (btw, the site was off line for approx. 12 hours during your absence – at least in my area)


  4. I visited The Straight Dope forum. It is amazing to discover persons that are so certain concerning evidence are oblivious to the conflicting information documented in WC and HSCA reports. 1964, Aberdeen Proving Grounds implemented research and tests for the Warren Commission in connection with their investigation of the assassination of President Kennedy (HSCA 1:384-385). The Warren Commission suppressed both the experiments and the results and did not call Sturdivan to testify. However, the HSCA was not so cautious.

    STURDIVAN: As you can see, each of the two skulls that we have observed so far, have moved in the direction of the bullet. In other words, both of them have been given some momentum in the direction that the bullet was going. In fact, all 10 of the skulls that we shot did essentially the same thing (HSCA 1:404).

    That targets move with the direction of force is also congruent with ballistic research today; after all, physics is consistent. I always feel tempted to post on such sites, but realize they are likely deeply enmeshed in their distorted ideas of what the evidence proves and would not relish an opposing opinion. Therefore, I move on, hoping for a better tomorrow when the truth concerning the assassination will be common knowledge as opposed to the biased and misleading “facts” found on sites like The Straight Dope forum.

  5. As someone who has now become a tad addicted to this site, I can dig what you’re saying. It was taking me 2 to 3 hours just to compose a factually based comment to any given post. I fell behind on my regular work, and my wife was giving me the stink eye. By the way it’s Fat Tuesday here along the Gulf Coast, so Happy Mardi Gras y’all. Laissez le bon ton roulet!

    1. I took a look at The Straight Dope forum, and it’s a depressing place!! with most contributors seeming to be convinced that LHO acted alone :

      “Oswald hurried the first (shot) and missed. He settled down for the last two and didn’t”

      Let’s hope that one day an open and honest investigation can take place, and the truth (whatever that is) can be revealed.

      Yes, researching the JFK assassination can be frustrating, but it can also be fascinating and enlightening, and you get to talk to some really interesting people.

        1. I agree with you George. Mr. Morley’s dedication to the truthful, and factual exploration of this topic is historically important. I will, one day when they’re old enough, direct my children to read his work as an actual and historically rooted account of that tragic event.

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