Assassination as civic PR

In one great headline, Eric Nicholson of the Dallas Observer illuminates the black comedy of how the city of Dallas is trying to use JFK’s murder to burnish its image:

“City Hall: One Unfortunate Afternoon Shouldn’t Overshadow Dealey Plaza’s Decades of Not Murdering Presidents”

The city, Nicholson reports, has “just released a video featuring Parks Director Willis Winters and City Archivist John Slate doing the best they can to downplay the significance of that unfortunate November afternoon.”

“‘When people come to Dallas, and also for the citizens of Dallas, Dealey Plaza is always and foremost known as the site of the Kennedy assassination, but it is so much more than that,’ Slate says. ‘There are many things that happened here of historical note, and a lot of Dallas cultural history occurred here long before that.'”

Nicholson’s punchline:

“Which is sort of like saying Ford’s Theater should be famous for producing good plays, which doesn’t appear to be in the cards.”

Here’s the video:

Dealey Plaza: A Long and Rich History from City of Dallas on Vimeo.


4 thoughts on “Assassination as civic PR”

  1. JSA, “Dallas City Hall Slaps Lipstick…” That is great. May I add, Dallas Mayor Slaps Lipstick on a Pig and calls it an appropriate program to celebrate JFK’s life? We call that here around the WashDC beltway as STILL A PIG.

    Also, I wonder if the 24/7 Dealey Plaza cam will be turned off so that no subversives without proper credentials will be allowed to “look” at the Plaza during the time the mayor has hijacked the Plaza?

    1. I think we ought to hold the JFK assassination commemoration “ceremonies ?” in China. Let’s do them in Tienamen Square. The Chinese are not only better than us at mass manufacture, but they know how to keep the dissenting “riff raff” from “messing up” an event with viewpoints and free speech that runs counter to that of the message control leaders. The Chinese probably look on with amusement at the Dallas City Government and mutter: “Amateurs.”

  2. As concerned citizens for our democracy and especially as researchers interested in knowing the truth, we should study this video to further understand the significance of Dealey Plaza as the site of the assassination of President Kennedy. Could Miami or Chicago have orchestrated a similar 50th?

    In the spirit of Molly Ivins, thank you Eric Nicholson.

  3. The subheadline for this story should be:

    Dallas City Hall Slaps Lipstick and Facepaint on JFK Assassination Site

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