Are the tax records of Lee Harvey Oswald still secret?

No. They were not available for many years leading to speculation that Oswald might have had other sources of income. Oswald’s tax returns were made public in 1996 with the permission of his widow, Marina Oswald Porter. You can view them here.

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  1. Wrong that top comment is not true. Douge Horne who was on the ARRB recently stated that not all was released. In fact he was asked if there was anything that he seen that he was still under oath not to discuss. He basically stated that yes he said he could only say that it involved Oswald’s tax returns, and that it may prove that he in fact worked for intelligence.

  2. Does anyone know if the IRS had provisions in place during that period for the decedent’s family to recover a refund if one was due? That would be the fair course of action.

  3. If I missed it, please point it out to me, but I don’t see a return for 1963. That’s the one we care about.

    1. True. In addition many CIA or FBI informants or operatives may have been paid for information or operations in cash.

      1. Ramon F Herrera


        You are correct. For instance, David Atlee Phillips (a.k.a. Maurice Bishop) paid Antonio Veciana in cash.


        “Bishop said he regretted that their relationship had to end but that it would be best for both of them in the long run. He shook Veciana’s hand and wished him luck. Then he handed Veciana the briefcase. In it, he said, was the compensation that was due him. When Veciana got home he opened the briefcase— it was stuffed with cash. Exactly $253,000, says Veciana. And that, says Veciana, was the last time he saw or spoke with Maurice Bishop”.

        Fonzi, Gaeton (2013-09-01). The Last Investigation: A Former Federal Investigator Reveals the Man behind the Conspiracy to Kill JFK (Kindle Locations 2813-2816). Skyhorse Publishing. Kindle Edition.

      1. Dead or alive its the responsibility of his estate to file a tax return. It looks convincing to me that he received $200 a month extra when he change jobs from Ft, Worth to Dallas. Why else would he phone George Bouhe 3 times the following week to thank him. Not to forget he was receiving a like amount living in Minsk from Red Cross.

        1. No 1963 tax return was filed for Oswald. What are you going to do, sue Marina for failure to file taxes? If he earned under the poverty limit, which seems likely for FY1963, he was not obligated to file taxes.

      2. I’m an accountant (Canadian CPA). I understand that U.S. citizens are required to file a tax return no matter where they reside (in Canada, it is based on residency, not citizenship, as in the USA – I’m assuming the U.S. tax rules on this were the same back in the 50s & 60s).

        According to a Horne Memo (see JFK Lancer link herein), the missing years are 1960 and 1961, presumably while Oswald was away in the Soviet Union (?).

        As for 1963, the estate might not have filed his tax return.

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