Archives seek to modernize FOIA (good luck with that)

The National Archives is talking about Modernizing FOIA. They’re looking for:

“people who are passionate about FOIA and are willing to devote time and energy to this effort. If you are interested in putting forward your name (or someone else’s), please let us know as soon as you can. We hope that you will consider getting involved in this effort to improve FOIA!”

The spirit is impressive. Whether FOIA can be modernized so as to bring greater freedom of information to U.S. national security agencies is another question.

The modernization of FOIA needs to take into account how the CIA and other U.S. national security agencies conitnue to use FOIA to block the free circulation of historical information of interest to the American people.

The secrecy powers of the national security agencies are daunting but  not unlimited. NSA was forced to modify its policies after Edward Snowden’s revelations. The modernization of FOIA would usefully contribute to creating accountability in national security matters.

History has proven it will not be easy to craft binding law in this area.



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