Another voice for full JFK disclosure

This one from Jeffrey Mason in Waldorf, Maryland. Formerly a researcher at the Center for Defense Information in Washington, Mason writes in

“The American people need to push Eric Holder, Barack Obama and the Congress to push for public release of these records that already are scheduled to be revealed in 2017 but might be delayed yet again unless we act now.”

He goes on:

“Henry Hurt’s work, ‘Reasonable Doubt,’ says it well.

‘… the political impact of Kennedy’s death is why the question of his assassination is as important today as it was decades ago — and as it will be decades hence, and for all the years of this republic. If the atrocity was the result of a conspiracy, the country and its government, even at this hour are subtly threatened by a cunning invisible enemy as politically potent as the most menacing terrorist or superpower. Moreover, the historical integrity of the whole county remains fractured until the questions are answered.’

Sound a little extreme? But seen in the bright light of recent revelations about NSA spying on Americans, this statement has some credibility.”


4 thoughts on “Another voice for full JFK disclosure”

  1. Re: NSA spying on Americans

    Michael Hayden, former CIA chief, said today (Sunday) he opposes amnesty for Edward Snowden, because amnesty would serve to create other Snowdens.

    No surprise. But I’ve got a message for Mike: Other Snowdens will step forward. Individuals moved by conscience, willing to face the wrath of the U.S. government, believing they can bring about change for the better. Needed change that otherwise won’t occur.

    It’s government officials like Michael Hayden who breed Edward Snowdens; who breed distrust of government; who fuel my desire for opening the files and revealing the secrets.

  2. I believe Henry Hurt captures well the political significance of JFK’s assassination.

    The murder was a crime, a yet-unsolved crime. A crime never properly investigated; a crime for which there has been only one prosecution, the Garrison prosecution, which was undermined by the CIA, the Justice Department, possibly Robert Kennedy, and God only knows who else.

    The murder became a political event, which continues to reverberate. The American people have come to accept their government lies to them. That was an inconceivable thought up until the weekend of the murder and the subsequent issuance of the Warren Report.

    Certainly the U.S. government has treated the murder as a political event. The classification, destruction, and redaction of government files and other materials that continues today, in one degree or another, is not aimed at protecting current actors from culpability; it’s aimed at protecting government bureaucracies.

    Americans are apathetic about political matters. So goes their attitude toward JFK’s murder.

    In my view, politics need to be set aside and focus needs to return to the criminal nature of the murder. For a good and logical reason. The crime remains unsolved, and there is no statute of limitations on murder. If this can be brought home to Americans vividly, the matter will take on an cold case quality, which will excite public interest.

    Yes, let’s see the hidden files. Let’s try to find out what happened, without any pre-conceived ideas.

  3. Mr. Mason,

    Our Constitution provides the means by which we may help President Obama, Attorney General Holder and any others in elected or appointed positions in Washington to prioritize immediate release of the records: for a significant number of patriotic Americans to peacefully assemble and thereby petition for that redress of grievances. The most visible and appropriate place and time for such an assembly will be on July 4, 2014 at 12:30 p.m. on the public terraces of the John F. Kennedy Memorial Center for the Performing Arts, Washington, D.C. Pending a formal and public call to so assemble, word has been gradually spreading via a document link at and Facebook event linked to . FREE THE FILES. FIND THE TRUTH. RESTORE THE REPUBLIC. Great joy will be found in the victory of together accomplishing these things!

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