Another downloadable chapter of Simpich’s ‘State Secret’

You can read and download it from

The chapter focuses on the war on Cuba during 1963, the CIA’s efforts to kill Castro and recruit Cuban government officials, and how Castro effectively used double agents to ward off American plans to assassinate him and wage a coup d’etat.

I’ve written about why I think Bill Simpich’s work on the JFK story is significant: it deepens the story of the CIA’s pre-assassination surveillance of Lee Harvey Oswald and answers the question, “Was Oswald impersonated?”


1 thought on “Another downloadable chapter of Simpich’s ‘State Secret’”

  1. This is important work. I feel we are indebted to Mr. Simpich for undertaking this massive task of research and analysis, and for making his results available to us all at no charge.

    Thank you for bringing State Secret to our attention.

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