An epic non-fiction novel of the CIA

As a former longtime employee of CIA, I can attest that this book conveys a true picture of the goings on within the agency.”

— From Martha Hanchulak’s review of “Our Man in Mexico: Winston Scott and the Hidden History of the CIA.” My first book describes in lucid detail how the CIA’s top man in Mexico viewed President Kennedy’s assassination in 1963: with deep suspicion.

It’s an epic non-fiction novel of the CIA.

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  1. Highly recommended to all serious scholars of the evolution of CIA and by extension, that organisation’s role vis à vis the Kennedy administration (and subsequently the assassination). Insightful, impeccably sourced and written with careful attention to the documentary record. Although new documentary evidence has become available since the book was written, the veracity of the book’s key analyses remains beyond challenge and the new evidence simply builds a clearer picture of the subject matter. A refreshing anti-dote to some of the more annoyingly speculative narratives that I’ve read on the case in the past while.

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