Amazon@JFK: Who leaned on on the online giant?

We asked Barry Krusch why his respectful, critical review of Bill O’Reilly’s book was removed from

He replied:

Amazon never provided me with a reason for why they removed the video. I know some people with connections to Amazon, and they were not able to find out either.

The video passed all of Amazon’s internal reviews to be posted in the first place, and it was listed as the most helpful negative review, and the second most helpful review overall.

So there is no reason for them to have removed the video apart from a complaint by some very powerful people, whether it was Bill O’Reilly’s publisher or Bill O’Reilly himself, hard to say.

That is my best guess. It takes a lot of work to go around and Amazon official policy, which is to never remove a negative review which fits their criteria, as mine did.

Bezos caves to O’Reilly? Say it ain’t say so Jeff.

4 thoughts on “Amazon@JFK: Who leaned on on the online giant?”

  1. I think O’Reilly is scared of Krusch. The latter did come up with some evidence damning the Lone Nut theory-we learn from Krusch that there were only two shots fired from where Oswald was supposed to be on the 6th floor. To my knowledge, O’Reilly hasn’t yet accepted Krusch’s challenge to prove him wrong.

  2. Barry Krusch reminds us that his censorship of his critique of O’Reilly’s Killing Kennedy is all about the MSM’s promotion of LHO as the LNA.

    I didn’t like his movie adaptation either which made LHO look like the devil incarnate.

  3. “Tonight on October 8th, 2012 at the very end of his show, Bill O’Reilly said that there are a bunch of “loons” writing negative reviews of his book “Killing Kennedy.”” – that is what I posted back in October, 2012. When O’Reilly’s book came out, some of the knowledgeable JFK researchers began putting of negative reviews of his book and they excoriated it particularly for his treatment of Oswald.

    O’Reilly did not like the “one star” treatment that he was getting and he actually complained on the air that other researchers’ material (reviews) were being seen when his book “Killing Kennedy” was pulled up.

    A few years ago O’Reilly gave Vincent Bugliosi a huge TV platform; served Bugliosi a national TV audience and an interview of pure softball questions. Bugliosi thinks GW Bush should be in jail over the Iraq War… yet FOX gives Bugliosi a national TV audience and softball interview questions as he promoted his book “Reclaiming History.”

    Roger Ailes is very close to George Herbert Walker Bush and a minority of JFK researchers implicate GHW Bush in the JFK assassination. So you have both Roger Ailes FOX and Chris Matthews MSNBC pushing the lone nutter fantasy… hard.

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