Allen Dulles plays ‘The Devil’s Chessboard’ in David Talbot’s new book

“Former Salon founding editor-in-chief Talbot shares his extensive knowledge and intense investigations of American politics with a frightening biography of power, manipulation, and outright treason.”

From a starred notice in Kirkus Review.

This excellent book, which I am now reading, takes a harder look at the American establishment in the postwar era, linking the rise of Allen Dulles and the CIA to the national security state we now have, and places the assassination of President Kennedy in a new and deeply informed context.

The book will be published this month. You can pre-order ‘The Devil’s Chessboard’ here.

12 thoughts on “Allen Dulles plays ‘The Devil’s Chessboard’ in David Talbot’s new book”

  1. Public Servant My Ass. Privately (very well) paid overseer for the richest of the rich. He had general operational freedom over his operation but would need approval for other actions. JMHO.

  2. The fact Dulles withheld the facts of the mob/CIA assassination plots against Castro from the Warren Commission completely undermined any possible conclusion of that investigative body and effectively made Dulles an accessory after the fact, whether he was directly involved in the JFK assassination or not. He further incriminated himself by setting the Commission on the path of the lone nut theory on the first day, and made it plain he wouldn’t expect any CIA agent to tell the truth to the Commission.

    Helluva “public servant.”

  3. I didn’t know this about Dulles.

    “IG Farben’s pre-war lawyer in the United States was Allen Dulles. The wartime OSS Chief in Bern is now often portrayed as a valiant warrior against Nazism, controlling a network of agents in the fight against the Third Reich. But both Allen Dulles and his brother John Foster Dulles were deeply entangled in the web of financial connections that linked Nazi Germany with the United States. Allen Dulles was also a former director of the German Schroeder Bank, owned by Baron Kurt von Schroeder, one of Hitler’s key financial backers.

    Allen’s brother John even sat on IG Farben’s board before America entered the war. The brothers helped run a cosy little clique of Wall St lawyers and Washington DC power brokers, whose international influence and power was, if anything, boosted by the conflict with Nazi Germany.

    In London, British intelligence tried to cut the links between IG Farben and its trading partners. During the war British intelligence ran several covert operations to try to manipulate the American press to expose the continuing connections between Nazi and American companies.

    The Dulles brothers fought a rearguard action to protect IG Farben, record Loftus and Aarons, quoting declassified British intelligence documents: “As the British intelligence file shows, the Dulles boys wasted no time in pressuring the British to call off their pet dogs in the American press.”

    quotes above from “Hitler’s Secret Bankers – How Switzerland Profited from Nazi Genocide” by Adam Lebor

    1. Schroeder hosted the Jan. 4, 1933 meeting between Hitler and Papen that soon led to Hitler’s appointment as Chancellor. Papen was very influential with Hindenburg, and so, once Papen was won over to a deal, he was able to persuade Hindenburg.

    2. What US company developed the counting system for the Jews being transported and processed into the German Concentration camps, and those sent through the gas chambers? “The” computer company of my teen and pre-teen years?

  4. I have had the good fortune to secure an advance-copy of Talbot’s new book, and while his arguments profiling Dulles as a witting tool of the eastern establishment (CFR etc) are quite strong,
    Talbot is unable to make a hard and fast connection to shooters in Dealey Plaza.

    the closest he comes is by pointing to William King Harvey and David “El Indio” Morales, as two CIA operatives who had the opportunity to staff assassination teams…
    Harvey especially enjoyed a good relationship with Dulles who long admired Bill’s tunnel project in Berlin circa 1950,and Dulles was certainly aware of Harvey’s relationship with Las Vegas Mafioso Johnny Rosselli,and their work together on executive action plans targeting Fidel Castro…

    Talbot reports on several other intriguing matters found in Dulles’ own datebook such as an April 1963 meeting with Paulino Sierra Martinez which was soon followed by a major multi-million-dollar investment in anti-Castro Cuban exile operations in Miami,
    money which was funneled from major U.S., corporations with interests in Latin America…

    Talbot relies heavily on the deathbed confessions of E. Howard Hunt as reported by Hunt’s son, Saint John Hunt,
    but he also uses HSCA investigator Dan Hardway as a source regarding Hunt’s possible involvement.
    Talbot writes, “Howard Hunt might have been wary of joining a JFK plot managed by Bill Harvey. But if he knew that Allen Dulles was at the top of the chain of command, that would have instilled in him all the confidence he needed.”

    more convincingly, Talbot recounts Dulles’ connections to Oswald handlers Ruth and Michael Paine and George DeMohrenschildt.
    When Michael Paine was a child, we learn from Talbot’s interviews with the aging Paines, Allen Dulles and Mary Bancroft vacationed with the Paines on Naushon Island, a property the Paines owned off Cape Cod.

    as Nov. 22, 1963 approached, Talbot writes, LHO was intensely followed by CIA, i.e. J.J. Angleton and David Atlee Phillips, both men with direct ties to Dulles.

  5. Having only recently read Mr. Talbot’s “Brothers” I think this book has the potential to be an eye opener to many skeptics and sway many “on the fence”. With his acceptance and respect by the MSM it brings hope that it will become a best seller by further documenting the truth. Someday the weight of these “straws” will break the camel’s back.

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