A traveling JFK exhibition

jfk35.com is traveling exhibit of the private collection of F. Nicholas Ciacelli featuring over 350 original items fromt President John F. Kennedy

View JFK’s sweater given to him on his last birthday.  See JFK’s jewelry box filled with the president’s cufflinks.   There are hundreds of other items that were a part of President’s Kennedy’s life.

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3 thoughts on “A traveling JFK exhibition”

  1. 350 original items? The sixth floor museum and the JFK Presidential Library and Museum have more:

    The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum is getting a facelift—courtesy of..the Carlyle Group. A smidgen of irony:
    “JFK, who entered the White House as outgoing president Eisenhower warned about the dangerous growth of a “military-industrial complex,” battled constantly with the same forces that today virtually reign supreme”

    “The museum and archives celebrating and exploring the life of Kennedy is getting a facelift—courtesy of….the Carlyle Group. Yet, consider this: The ultimate globe-girdling corporation is playing a major role in preserving the memory of a president who at the time of his death was engaged in what may be described as mortal combat with outfits not unlike Carlyle.

    Kennedy was locked in grim battle with oil and steel and banking interests, hated by mining giants and soda pop companies, resisting pressures from the burgeoning defense industry, and on and on. The list of the offending and the aggrieved was endless. Executives were taking out ads to excoriate him, and even showing up at the White House to practically spit in his face. ”

    “Why is the museum getting a facelift? Apparently, it is to “enhance the visual and interactive offerings.” Does none of it have to do with the still-mysterious fire that broke out at the museum complex in Boston at approximately the same time as the bombings of the Boston Marathon?”


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