A talk with Jacob Hornberger on JFK secrecy

I recently enjoyed speaking with Jacob Hornberger about the secrecy surrounding thousands of JFK assassination records on his DIY talk show “The Libertarian Angle.”

I have to confess that the libertarian currents in my own thinking are polluted (at least in Jacob’s view) by my lamentable fondness for collectivist dangers such as the progressive income tax, food stamps, the EPA, and the U.S. Post Office. But on issues of secrecy and national security issues — and JFK’s assassination is both — we see eye to eye.

I should also say that as president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, Hornberger is an JFK ebook publisher. Last fall, he published (and wrote the foreword to) JFK’s War with the National Security Establishment: Why Kennedy Was Assassinated, by Douglas Horne, the former ARRB staffer. Hornberger has also written two JFK ebooks, The Kennedy Autopsy and Regime Change.


25 thoughts on “A talk with Jacob Hornberger on JFK secrecy”

  1. Yes I agree “just because they have confused you doesnt mean that they are confused”.

    And “those that control the present control the past”.

    The reason everything is so confusing regarding the Assasination is that was how it was planned.

  2. Keep in mind, just because they have confused you, doesn’t mean that they are confused. A stage magician isn’t baffled by his ‘magic’. Do you really believe that those who control the world don’t know how to control the world?
    As George Orwell wrote; “Those who control the past control the future. Those who control the present control the past”. Put bluntly, those who control the present write the official history—that is control of the past.

  3. I enjoyed your interview my Morley ,you are a great cheerleader for truth. I want to challenge two things you said which are factually wrong. You are such a credible part of this on-going story that I’m sure you would not wish to mislead any readers.

    1. You state that Oswald was a leftist. That cannot be stated with any certainty, and to state it with certainty shuts off a huge area of controversy in the debate.

    2. I guess in terms of the effort to mobilise public opinion it is excusable to state that all sides have an interest in the disclosure of the remaining JFK records. It is also completely untrue. If you are an American citizen who believes that Kennedy was doing great damage to your Nation, and that damage was stopped ; then your cause is not advanced by calling for the release of information describing the means of curtailment. If you believe that Secret Agencies do great work for your Nation the censure/ridicule of these agencies does not advance your cause.

  4. The most benign story is those in charge did not know for sure what was going on.

    Oswald likely had something to do with the the Assasination but many people remain uncovinced.

    One other benign scenario was to blame LHO primarily and not go down those paths that would turn the country inside out. In this sense, the Assassination Investigation was stopped dead in its tracks.

    One scenario has the U S standing down during the Cold War despite a possible attack on its President by an Enemy State. It may have been suspected but not known for sure. This is also an Investigation that would publicly at least have to be stopped in its tracks also.

    Is this what some meant when they said they “would wait for the judgement of history” and “not in my lifetime”?

    Johnson would have had the Executive Power to stand down if that is what those in charge thought was best because of their uncertainty & evidence of Oswalds involvement.

    Is it possible Johnson, Hoover, Military, RFK & others thought it was best to blame it primarily on Oswald in view of a lot of uncertainty?

    WW3 was never an option. We know however Johnson spoke ot it.

  5. It is indeed an unseemly story if an Enemy State was responsible for the Death of President Kennedy.

    So much for the Cold War.

    We dont know for sure this is what happened but perhaps it did. All of the scenarios are disturbing.

    Blame LHO and then stop at nothing to hide the awful truth be it the Soviet Union, Cuba, Johnson, CIA, rogue CIA /rogue KGB or Coup d’Etat.

    Something happened on 22/11/63 above and beyond the brutal and public ambush of President . The only good part of this is people still care and are still seeking the truth after 50 years.

  6. Ramon F Herrera

    Jacob & Jeff:

    The program is outstanding! Some of the best on the subject. Well done.

    That was about the *content*. Allow me, if I may, wear my other hat.

    My techie side says that the audio quality was abysmal (*).

    Jeff: These days we find ourselves referring to the 3-letter agencies very often. A thesaurus trip is in order. You kept on using the term “secretive agencies”. I just bumped into an alternative (which works in Spanish as well):


    or even “surreptitious”.

    (*) Sound volume is like salt: if the food is too bland, you can always add the salt that the chef neglected, but you cannot remove extra salt.

  7. I am not expecting any admissions of guilt.

    It is up to JFK Researchers & Journalists to figure out the story. Read & analyze the released documents.

    I am most interested in the Big Picture regarding the Assasination.

    We have known for quite a while now there was a massive intelligence failure as CIA & FBI new much more about LHO.

    That motorcade route did not give the President the security he needed. We assumed that in 63 but know it was not the case.

    There were fears of starting WW3 if it was investigated publicly that Soviet Union/Cuba was involved. Also the possibility of rogue KGB.

    Johnson could have been forced to resign like Nixon if Johnson had been involved.

    It was so much easier to blame it on LHO who probably was involved to some extent.

    It seems rogue elements of the CIA were possibly involved. CIA did not want that to come out. Also there was an Intelligence failure.

    That was no worse than Nixon’s crimes.

    President Kennedy was dead. Possible Coup d’Etat.

    Is it possible it was not known for sure exactly what was going on so those in charge just relied on the obvious evidence.

    We have also come to know there was widespread doubt on the WC.

    The path taken by those in charge is littered with lies, evidence tampering, and dead witnesses.

    The reality also may be a much darker story I fear.

    1. I’d like to think we are ready to deal with “a much darker” story” after what’s happened to this nation since 11-22-63. Vietnam War, Watergate, 9-11….all those were dark stories.

      1. But this would be the darkest story if the worst scenarios are true. If the CIA admitted even a rogue element of agents was involved or they intentionally “overlooked” Oswald because they thought the death of President Kennedy was best for the country, it would lead to repercussions for the CIA even now. Public and political “trust” in the institution would plummet and reform would be inevitable. That’s to say nothing of possible involvement by Johnson, Hoover, or others. A proven coup d’etat in America is about as grim as it gets.

        If the true story is ever revealed, it may not be until later, sometime after 2040, when most people who were alive at the time have passed away, which I believe was the original intent in setting the late date for releasing documents.

    2. Ramon F Herrera

      “There were fears of starting WW3”


      I fail to comprehend how any intelligent person can invest any stock on that argument.

  8. Excellent interview, Jeff. We must get to the truth of the CIA’s involvement in the assassination&coverup. It must indeed be an issue in the 2016 Presidential election campaign.

  9. I agree, there was probably a major purge long ago, any smoking gun disposed of. I doubt that the releases of 2017 will be so startling that they’ll lead to an admission of guilt by a government agency.

    However, over the last few decades, researchers have discovered connections that, while aren’t exactly smoking guns, they are consistent with a pattern that points to conspiracy. For example, the Joannides files may reveal information that fits a pattern regarding the CIA’s relationship with Oswald. Gathering more of this indirect evidence is like putting a puzzle together. Some big pieces may be missing and never found, but the pattern, the gestalt, still shows up when more pieces are added.

  10. Great interview. Very intriguing the part where J. Morley says there likely will be some interesting stuff in the released ducuments.

    We may get more information. The TRUTH deserves to be told.

    But will we ever be able to understand the need to lie to hide the horrible truths which we may never know in its entirety.

  11. In addition to requesting operational records filed by George Joannides,it also makes me wonder if he filed any under his JM/WAVE alias Walter Newby or Mr.Howard as he was allegedly known at the Miami station. Might be something to watch,or it could be nothing at all.

      1. Thanks for the link Ramon. Like i said,there may be no revealing information contained in those filed documents,but,it is interesting that all files from Newby originated from JM/WAVE during the 62-64 period,but when you search Joannides, none of his files indicate originating from JM/WAVE and they are all from 18-79, even though we know he worked out of JM/WAVE during the 1960’s. So did he just not do anything requiring paperwork that whole time? Im not trying infer anything,just simply pointing out that seems odd

        1. *Not 18-79, 1978-1979* And to clarify if as an agent of psychological warfare based out of Miami, where are his operational/other files while working at JM/WAVE from the 1960’s? If he was based briefly in New Orleans from 63-64, where are those files? Why is it that when you search for any hits on him in the National Archives its all files related to his coming back from retirement to be liaison to HSCA? I find it more telling whats not be shown then what is

  12. Great interview, Jeff.
    I appreciate your persistence in tracking down the withheld files from CIA and others, though I suspect the purge was accomplished long ago. But, who knows, you may find a lead somewhere.

    I recall reading something on this site to the effect that JFK Facts is a tax deductible 501(c)(3). Is that true?
    If so, I will send a check tomorrow, and I hope my loquacious friends (that’s you, Dr. Photon) will do the same.

    1. Jeff, I have searched the website but cannot find a physical address.
      Like many who post here, I am very appreciative of your FOIA efforts. I know they can become expensive, and I would like to help.
      Is there an address to send a contribution?

    2. Ramon F Herrera

      [ed connor:]

      “I will send a check tomorrow, and I hope my loquacious friends (that’s you, Dr. Photon) will do the same.”



      We need to take loving care of the LNs around here! Just like the Chinese with the Panda bears. Or the bald American Eagle.

      I am only aware of two:

      – Photon
      – Jean Davison

      Hmmm… One male, one female. Where is Noah when you need him!!


  13. Jeff you may yet be redeemed from your satist sins and on that day we Libertarians will welcome you with open arms. Ron Paul has sounded the alarm to the dangers of the U.S. security state for decades.

    1. Ron Paul’s son went on and on the other day on the floor of the Senate, arguing for the ending of the Patriot Act. As October, 2017, approaches, I’d love to see a Senator or Congressman go for 5 hours or so, arguing why the CIA Files on the assassination must be released.

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