A sign that JFK journalism doesn’t have to be stupid

The Christian Science Monitor, one of the heroic survivors in the crash of American journalism, picked up on my lawsuit against the CIA with this story:

50 years later, sealed JFK files still raise questions“.

At a time when foolish JFK stories  (like “the Secret Service man did it”) get widespread attention, its rewarding to see that a serious JFK story can find an audience of serious readers at a publication like CSM.

3 thoughts on “A sign that JFK journalism doesn’t have to be stupid”

  1. These stories in the press are more encouraging, and we need more of them.

    We need the media to be asking :

    Why are the CIA breaking the law by refusing to release documents which are JFK assassination related?

    Why was Joannides put forward as liason to the HSCA considering his role with the DRE in 1963 ?

    Why was senior figures in the CIA monitoring Oswald closely just before the assassination?

    We need our media to be asking these questions.

  2. When the Roger Stone book is released, it will make the locked up CIA files anti-climactic. Stone’s insider view from the Nixon White House was a road map to where the bodies are buried. Most JFK assassination buffs know about this book coming out November 4th. I am glad Stone decided to reveal the truth in time for the 50th anniversary.

    1. Mr. Dodge, this all sounds very interesting and potentially explosive. The statement that the book will go beyond anything the CIA could release is bold. Where do you get your information? Are these claims made by the publisher or Roger Stone himself and if so can you provide a link beyond the amazon book page?

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