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  1. The transition from Zapruder film frames 228 to 229 really makes all off-camera evidence pointing to only two shots (and Oswald as lone a shooter, if a shooter at all) a deliberate cover-up … JFK is hit in the back of the head just after he was struck in the back and neck and at the same instant Connolly is shot in the wrist. It’s visually subtle, but you can see the moment JFK sort of jumps forward that there is a very slight impact to the back of his head, a small blood splatter, and that JFK’s head is driven forward and he slumps forward and to the left. This doesn’t take place precisely at the point of impact of the shot to his throat (he was hit in the throat before coming past the freeway sign); JFK has a brief jump due to being shot in the back of the head. There was no exit wound from the back head shot, as Dr. Boswell danced around stating when discussing the frontal and orbit fractures. A shot to the side of the head does not crack the orbit – the force from a penetrating shot from the right will more likely cause that kind of damage, though. JFK was hit in the head at least twice and from different directions. The amount of damage to JFK’s head in the Z-Film is not reflected in whosever x-rays those are being passed off as JFK’s at the National Archives. It appears clear to me when I watch it that the Z-film was absolutely altered at the very least to remove very telling frames. Ironically, though, what also is clear in the Z-Film is that Zapruder chose the wrong video camera for such a small area as Dealey Plaza as he captured the event IN SLOW MOTION unwittingly causing a reflection into the lens showing a member of the assassination team shooting from the roof of the Court Records Building. This find by a veteran filming professional makes the entire Warren Commission Report indefensible and a documented evidence of a coup d’état. The Fascist-Nazi Socialists that LBJ assigned to the WC (most likely led by Dulles and NOT Warren) served the agenda of the globalist elites’ coup d’état of the military industrial complex. The MIC had long been developing proprietary organizations, military bases, corporate moles, media control, and skilled capabilities for carrying out domestic and foreign terrorism.

    1. *correction: the force from a penetrating shot from the REAR will more likely cause that kind of damage, though

  2. Rolland Zavada in rebuttal to Douglas Horne:

    “The reader of this dissertation is cautioned to consider the
    complex characteristics of typical special effects cinematography.
    Simply stated, to achieve special optical effects, it is necessary to
    begin with a “family of film types”. Kodak designed camera original color
    films to work compatibly with laboratory intermediate films and print films
    as spectral dye “sets”. !Professional camera negative films were never
    viewed directly and their transmission spectrum matched the spectral
    sensitivity of intermediate (and print) films and the transmission dye set
    of the intermediate films matched the spectral sensitivity of the final
    print films. The print films dye transmission had reasonable visual
    response with arc (or if printed properly) with tungsten projection.
    In the case of the Zapruder film, the spectral sensitivity of a
    daylight camera original Kodachrome reversal film was balanced for about
    5900 deg. Kelvin with nominally parallel curves having gammas of about
    1.8. Because it was a reversal (i.e. it yielded a positive image) the
    spectral transmission characteristics of the dyes were designed for visual
    response when projected with 32-3400 deg Kelvin illumination. !The film
    was not designed for printing response so that its dye set matched the
    spectral sensitivity of laboratory intermediate negative or positive films.
    A reversal duplicating film was available, but that was for direct simple
    copies, and not expected to be used as an intermediate. Further the
    film’s daylight sensitivity; contrast and spectral characteristics do not
    render it receptive for use as a “print” medium – hence, one “hell-of-a”
    problem for someone trying to replicate a Kodachrome original (Note: the
    goal now being to create a “Kodachrome original”) by using special
    optical effects!
    The goal to create a “Kodachrome original provides further
    insurmountable challenges. Special optical effects for the cinema are
    designed to fulfill story telling support in scenes rendered in such a way
    that they are not obvious or disturbing to the audience. The author
    wishes us to believe that unknown persons with unknown advanced
    technology and film resources were able: to create a “Kodachrome
    original” that would be subject to undetectable microscopic examination
    and evaluation by multiple researchers. The “evidence” offered are scene
    content anomalies and an a priori technical capability and expertise.”

  3. I’ve read some on but not studied this subject. What is there these days in large screen slow mo still shows his hands coming up toward his throat, a slump forward, then back and to the left. Convincing of front shot(s) (and conspiracy) no matter if frames of say stopping or other things were removed.

  4. I find all comments & analysis of the Zapruder film beneficial to those globally interested in the history of the JFK assassination, regardless who takes the time to offer their views & what their backgrounds are or may be.
    To Mr. Holland’s credit, he did present to the public exceptionally clear extracts from the Mark Bell film & a plausible shooting scenario in the TV special, ‘The Lost Bullet’. Let’s hear the man out before trying to crucify him, k?
    Maybe we’ll catch him in a good mood & he can get us a broadcast quality Bronson film to study.

  5. I just want to say that the Hoover/LBJ connection set the assassination in motion. They met regularly, Hoover had everyone’s personal phones and places bugged. They both knew what the Kennedy’s were planning……come on…….Hoover was as corrupt as LBJ……..who was going to go to prision……as well as other more prominent elitist……he knew the CIA, Hoover controlled the FBI…….it was a coup……..per and simple…..with Hoover ready to cover up and Johnson ready to complete the agenda of war………very sad…….and the American people were lied to as they are being lied to today……government is for power, corruption and greed……..pure and simple……..either follow or you will be removed or replaced……..

  6. Max Holland is an actual CIA writer & the Museum has long been suspected of being an Agency ‘front’. It’s appropriate that the two should address the public from the home the couple share. For a lot of us, the sight of these 2 together reinforces our hopes that Jeff Morley will be successful in his heroic efforts to free the unreleased JFK records & files in the face of slave masters whose purpose in life is to enslave America’s history.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly. This event appears to me to be damage control in the wake of Doug Horne’s explosive analysis that the original Zapruder film was altered at a secret CIA film & photo facility (Hawkeyeworks) the assassination weekend.

      I wouldn’t waste good money on a ticket, but once the video is posted online, those that study CIA tactics might find it interesting.

      1. Thomas,

        Doug Horne and Peter Janney are not prompting “damage control.” Both have compromised information filters and Janney is a teller of tall tales.
        Janney : http://www.tomscully.com/node/12

        Horne reacting to irrefutable details challenging his assumptions.:


        Background of Horne’s 2012 comments displayed in the image at the link above.: https://jfkfacts.org/assassination/news/two-jfk-books-on-amazon-best-seller-list/#comment-672345

        Admitting error and strict adherence to accuracy are not options.
        They are requirements. The man who authored this misleading book and Mr. Horne, author of the glowing, second review of that book, have the option of revising their proven to be unreliable claims.:

      2. “Doug Horne’s explosive analysis that the original Zapruder film was altered..”~Thomas Joseph

        Horne’s tale is certainly “explosive”, it blows up right in his face upon inspection by those who actually understand film and special effects cinematography.

        If I were you I would wait to see what Max Holland actually has to say about the Zapruder film, and if he will address Doug Horne’s ignorant theses, in support or in opposition to it.

        1. Roy W Kornbluth

          Two problems with Z that I’ve never seen addressed (and I’ve read at least 1,000 pages about it), and seem to scream alteration (minor though effective alteration)—

          1) John Connally goes from sitting in his assigned seat, then there’s a little blur, and he magically appears across the car with Nellie and turned 90 degrees. All in 1 or 2 18ths of a second. Can’t be done alone or even with the help of a Hercules, though I believe it was Kellerman who threw JC over there. Or John Con had one of those Star Trek transporters. WC said Nellie “pulled him to (and down and into) her lap”. Naw, little Nellie couldn’t levitate Big John, over 200 pounds. (You ever notice how the War Con gets off, talking about the women’s laps? Couldn’t get enough of em. They figured, correctly, “women’s laps” cause attention gaps in the adult males of their audience.)

          2) end of Z-film, the limo occupies less than 10% of the field of vision, so that, conveniently, Greer and Kellerman are cropped out. (Before that, Greer has some superhumanly quick turns of the head, but that’s been beat to death almost as much as the limo drastically slowing.) I mean, the limo is barely in the frame, in the far lower right. Whereas before, Zapruder had it framed very well.

          Any thoughts will be much appreciated.

          1. “1) John Connally goes from sitting in his assigned seat, then there’s a little blur, and he magically appears across the car with Nellie and turned 90 degrees.”~Roy W Kornbluth

            Frankly Roy, I don’t see any such thing!
            . . . .
            “2) end of Z-film, the limo occupies less than 10% of the field of vision, so that, conveniently, Greer and Kellerman are cropped out.”

            Zapruder was attempting to pan and follow the limo perched on top of a narrow space with his secretary there to help keep him balanced. Considering he had just got the camera, critiquing him for lack of skill on a difficult pan is a little harsh.

            As far as “Bill Greer’s Impossible Head Turn”, Costella went to a lot of trouble and math calculations for nothing. Greer wasn’t facing the way described before the “head turns”

    2. I have no doubt that Mr. Morley shall prevail…unless more time is needed to either “sanitize; shred; redact; or…fabricate evidence,due to the nature…”
      I do not “feel” that people understand just exactly what truly IS at stake here. When (or if) one reads,”LEGACY OF ASHES,” it becomes obvious(to myself anyway) that there was “something missing” when covering the timeline of the “KENNEDY/JOHNSON ADMINISTRATION(S)”and their overlap…not to exclude a “number of other” CIA internal circumstances.
      In a “nutshell”(make a good title for a book on these subjects),Mr. Kennedy was “the wrong man, elected to the wrong office, at the wrong time,” so-to-speak! “Everyone” from the conservative side of the Isle, saw the “Kennedy brothers” as an extension/control mechanism of their father, “Joe.” Besides that; too much was “going on” all at one time. From “Civil Rights,” to “Organized Labor.” From the already, “pre-ordained” invasion of Cuba; to the “Vietnam debacle” by both the Military complex(joint chiefs, etc)/Intelligence Complex(all “part of” the same thing!), and “involvement by the”extreme Right Wing/business entities”who, later(but not much) felt ALL”THEIR” PLANS THREATENED by the Kennedy Political Machine! “They” saw anything from four, to twenty four years “under the thumb” of what “they” considered, “LEFT WING EXTREMISTS!”
      After the “events’ that occurred during the first two years plus, under JFK, “they” acted. “They” would be those who, in the “real American Political Forum,” controlled the Americas Industrial/Financial/Political/Military Industry(ies & development), and were/are “THE MOST WEALTHY PEOPLE IN THE WORLD!”
      SO WEALTHY in fact, they could never run for ANY office! These peoples “EMPIRES” crossed the boundries of Countries:…of Laws, or “legal/illegal: ” THESE MEN MADE THE WORLD…GOVERNMENTS; INDUSTRIES; “WHATEVER,”…WORK!
      “…these men “filled the ranks’ of CIA the day it was created, with men that could make them “MORE!” More what? Just, “MORE,” because they (between them all) controlled it “ALL!”

      …So; on 22 Nov 1963, not only america, but the “ENTIRE” World..changed!

      In ALL HONESTY: you must “notice” that whenever someone (Jimmy Carter is a good example)gets elected who tries to exert any real change, just gets politically “stonewalled? Even from within their own Party! President Obama is another example of “political stonewalling…and by the predecessors of the same cabal!”
      Sometimes I think the only people that really believe that there are two (plus more) political parties, are everyone from the working classes; and that in fact..there are REALLY only about thirty(or even less) people who really decide what(or who) will or will not be in this Country of “Ours!”I mean,”REALLY?” To honestly think that a country (especially the US), this COUNTRY…run by just a “FEW” really “RICH” and “POWERFUL”people? Come on…”this isn’t some bannana “Republic!” this is…America for gosh sakes!…
      …after investigating the Kennedy murder;the evidence and such; what do you REALLY think? DM

    3. …one more thing(always just “one more thing”), were it NOT for people like Jeff Morley: like this site for example…and the effort put forth by them in the way that it should be…


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