A lawman’s view of JFK’s security–and his murder

Ed Martin, a Montana law enforcement officer in the 1960s and 1970s, had unique personal experience with security procedures around President Kennedy in 1963. His daughter, Deb Galatine, shares what her father’s perspective on the JFK story on Vince Palamara’s site about the Secret Service. Martin’s story provides a deeply informed perspective on the negligence that enabled JFK’s assassination. Coming from a  Republican, his story also refutes the bogus claim that critical thinking about JFK’s murder is some kind fo leftist invention.

3 thoughts on “A lawman’s view of JFK’s security–and his murder”

  1. vince, I must say reading over and watching blogs regarding the JFK assassination on the expertise and evidence of the so called secret service detail are mind blowing. I have no doubt Clint Hill and cronies wrote books due too the evidence of your brilliant research. I am defiantly going to purchase your book”Survivors Guilt”
    Hope real soon the 2nd book of medical evidence is published. You smoked a bunch of millionaires and political evils at hand. Partime also. They are changing their underwear. Great job. Just think if you didn’t have a full time job. Take care and thank you for the 20 years of research and no shuffle stepping.

    1. Vince’s book is the most objective and informative source on the SS in Dallas and beforehand. It left me wondering how at least a couple of agents there and a couple of more back in Washington could have NOT known something was up that day. Yet they did less than nothing, keeping other agents from even trying to do something.

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