Anti-conspiracists endorse JFK disclosure

Now comes a welcome post from Dale Myers and Gus Russo. They say I am “fanning wisps of smoke” by seeking release of the CIA’s still-secret assassination files but they take pains to agree the records should be released. Their position wasn’t apparent in their first post so I am glad they have clarified the need for transparency. This is progress.

4 thoughts on “Anti-conspiracists endorse JFK disclosure”

  1. I feel Russo & Meyers are trying to deflect Jeff’s global media attention to them & after looking at their blog entry Jeff referred to fortifies that opinion.

    The first Meyers/Russo blog sentence reads to me like an ad offering for services along the lines of, ‘Hey Peter Jennings replacements, we’re still here to dispute anyone who doesn’t accept the Government’s case against lee Oswald if you need us.

    I suspect a new batch of distorted, historically inaccurate animations are waiting for airplay to again try to convince the public on TV that Lee Oswald committed the crime solo.

    Where I was raised what Meyers & Russo sell is called ‘snake oil’.

    I believe what we are seeing happening with the media attention focused on Jeff & his CIA transparency crusade is exactly why a fisherman should never tell another fisherman they’re biting well at your spot. To do so invites a multitude of eager fishermen crowding you out of your spot. It’s the same thing here.

    I’ve noticed at the alt.jfk website Professor McAdams is leading the cavalry bashing Jeff Morley, claiming he abused the witness he interviewed. Yep, the same professor Jeff recommended in his Top 10 best JFK websites is working him over with an online machete. That added to the onslaught of online attacks against Jeff equates to me that some are envious of Jeff’s media attention pie and want a piece of it badly.

  2. S. R. "Dusty" Rohde

    Any researcher on either side of the fence should do a careful study of Myers and Russo’s diatribe. They are very skilled at skirting the fundamental issues of JFK related info, such as CIA records. It is a known fact that the CIA lied to and deceived the Warren Commission and the HSCA. It is also a known fact that the CIA witheld information relevant to investigations related to Oswald.

    ” The law has long followed the rule that if a person lies to you on one point, you may reject all of his testimony. ”

    -reference to the CIA, quoted from G. Robert Blakey

  3. No, this isn’t “progress” — it’s a further distraction. Who cares what a couple of obvious Kennedy haters think about Dallas? Especially two who are proven propagandists, based on their books.

    Of course, they are part of the published boys’ network, therefore worthy of respect and — from the evidence of this latest contretemps — begging.

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