6 thoughts on “57 percent doubt Obama’s transparency claims”

  1. One of the disadvantages of living to an older age is seeing politician after politician build up the public’s hopes with promises that turn out to be worthless. I liken Jeff Morley’s JFK historical transparency efforts to the man & his crew that relentlessly searched for the Titanic & eventually found it on the ocean floor. Politicians are notorious for worthless promises; people on determined missions are quite often successful in their quests. Mr. Morley is obviously a better choice for having faith in releasing our censored history.

  2. Obama is no friend of transparency. Snowden embarrasses him, and his response is to appoint a commission on NSA reform and to meet with high-tech execs. Pure window dressing.

    I believe he will do nothing to advance the research into JFK’s assassination. Any such move would buy him only a little support and lots of opposition.

    1. Why should president Obama do anything extraordinary? Any initiative would immediately be labeled as distractionist. These are 2 of the potential people who will have the power to affect the disclosure come October 2017:

      – Hillary Clinton, close ally of the Kennedys. During her husband’s administration much progress was achieved. Her friend and successor John Kerry stated: “Oswald could not have acted alone”, called for opening the records.

      – Ted Cruz, ideological descendant and agent of the Cuban and Texas Far Right.




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