50 Reasons for 50 Years: bookmark it

Here’s the first episode of Len Osanic’s so-far excellent JFK video series, “50 Reasons for 50 Years,” which purports to tell the story of why the Warren Commission was a “hoax.”  Don’t be put off by Osanic’s Jesse Ventura-style narration, which is dramatic but not over the top.

Osanic does not tell the story in the smoothing dulcet tones of NPR. He is more excitable, which is understandable because the story of how of a young man named Lee Oswald became enmeshed in CIA intelligence activities and was then accused of killing the President Kennedy is both true, and remarkably enough, the subject of an ongoing CIA-DOJ legal campaign in 2013 to obscure its details. He also provides useful montages of relevant information, excellent use of archival footage and thoughtful interviews. Bill Simpich is especially convincing in the 3rd installment.

Whatever one thinks of what happened in Dealey Plaza, the back story of Oswald and the CIA is critical to understanding the breakdown of security around JFK. It illuminates the workings of the national security agencies and the secrecy system in 1963 and today.

I haven’t viewed all fourteen episodes produced to date, and I want to do some fact checking on the ones I have seen but so far, “50 Reasons for 50 years” is a bookmark

4 thoughts on “50 Reasons for 50 Years: bookmark it”

    1. I just realized that the Jefferson Morley and John Newman segment is one of five that you can watch on the C-Span web-site:

      “Warren Report: The Lone Assassin Theory,” Sep 18, 2004

      There’s approximately 5 1/2 hours of this event covering all the ground you could imagine regarding the JFK Assassination.

      Man, I love C-SPAN!!


  1. I’ve never seen such pristine versions of the Nix and Muchmore films. I’d previously thought they had little to offer, but now see they are quite compelling.

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