3 thoughts on “‘4 Files The CIA Must Make Public’”

  1. S.R. "Dusty" Rohde

    Frankly….the CIA is suspect in the JFK assassination, for that reason alone, I don’t think they have the right to hold out on releasing any shred of evidence or records. The CIA shouldn’t even have a voice in the matter. If they didn’t want to find themselves under the microscope they shouldn’t have been so closely connected to the “Big Event”.

  2. If interested I have possession of well known and established evidence that in the months prior to the President Kennedy’s visit to Dallas, all of which is clearly indicative of Lee Harvey Oswald’s having played a key role role in a CIA-Mafia style plot concocted by Kennedy officials months earlier, one in which a staged attempt on the Presidents life turned real and deadly. I also have clear evidence of the Robert Kennedy/Secret Service/ Naval Intelligence attempts to cover up these facts. Including their attempts to keep vital autopsy evidence hidden away from the Warren Commission, the FBI, as well as all assassination researchers/investigators. I also possess evidence indicative of the late FBI director J Edgar Hoover’s having played a key role in all of this, by providing conspirators in Dallas with information just prior to the President’s visit, information vitally needed to set up their ambush in Dealey Plaza, as well as to help put the blame for the crime on patsy Lee Harvey Oswald. Along with the fact that the real assassins were never caught. Or one could read my book “Backfire In Dallas” available at Author House Publishing. TAD

  3. Arnaldo M Fernandez

    If you list D.A. Phillips, then Ann Goodpasture should be added. The same rule applies for adding David “El Indio” Sanchez to King Harvey. These are built-in duettos in the CIA´s dealing of LHO. Morley is right by including Joannides, who actually made a trio with Phillips and Sanchez. Last, but not least, the J.J. Angleton´s show with Soviet defector Yuri Nosenko is worthy of being included in the list.

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