22 November 1963: How to think about the JFK story

One of the most incisive introductions to the complexity of the JFK assassination story comes not from America but Britain. See the Web site 22 November 1963 for a clear understanding of the worst U.S. intelligence failure between Pearl Harbor and September 11.  (H/T Jeremy)

4 thoughts on “22 November 1963: How to think about the JFK story”

  1. Antoni J. Wrega, historian

    When I said that Bojczuk’s book was really worth of reading, I thought also that we would not stop on this. What bother me, the Author is not going to make any comments on Ion Mihai Pacepa’s book as well as Wilfried Huismann’s book and TV movie. Really, a pity, providing both are realistic and consistent theories, well-documented — I must confess — and extremely rather plausible.

  2. Antoni J. Wrega, historian

    Jeremy Bojczuk’s book is really worth of reading. I can only recommend it for a general public interested in the subject. Some parts, if not all chapters, are simply splendid being devoid of absurd theories and presenting only naked facts.

  3. not sure why you are calling it an intelligence FAILURE, as the intelligence services got exactly what they wanted, the unseating of an American president and the intimidation of his successor into doing exactly what they ordered him to do – meaning Vietnam and an end to talks with Cuba.

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