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11) CIA’s Angleton knew Oswald was in Dallas a week before JFK was killed

CIA spyhunters knew Lee Harvey Oswald was in Dallas just days before JFK’s assassination.

On November 15, 1963, counterintelligence chief James Angleton received an FBI report noting that Oswald–the man who would be charged with killing Kennedy–was in back in Texas after his trip to Mexico City.

Angleton did nothing.

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4 thoughts on “11) CIA’s Angleton knew Oswald was in Dallas a week before JFK was killed”

  1. “They considered him an asset to be used.”

    Considering all the evidence, that makes the most sense to me.

    Now the outstanding questions are:

    1) Did those in the CIA controlling LHO then set him up as the patsy?

    2) Did elements of the CIA’s partners such as the anti-Castro Cubans or mob hijack LHO and set him up?

    3) Was the assassination blowback from a CIA operation where LHO and a partner of some kind (it’s clear a shot came from the knoll) went rogue and decided to shoot the POTUS?

    The third question seems the least plausible from the evidence. The second is more plausible considering the Odio incident. The first question is plausible mainly due to the 50-plus year CIA obstruction, lies and cover-up of material evidence in the assassination.

  2. Well that could speak volumes that angleton didn’t consider him a threat. FBI has jurisdiction over domestic counterintelligence. So they wouldn’t necessarily be doing much besides tipping off the CIA about someone they are interested in. FBI also does some ci and intelligence ops in central south America although who knows what was up in the late 50s. The problem with all of this is that Oswald is pretty high profile. So a lot of people might monitor him without being caught up in his day to day activities unless the FBI were worried about him. There are a lot of possible reasons Angleton wouldn’t be all that concerned some of those are routine and I guess some implications could be sinister.

    1. Given what we know about how the CI staff monitored defectors, there’s no way that they didn’t keep close tabs on Oswald. When the Mexico City station reported “we overheard an American named Lee Oswald,” who is he? the question went straight to Angleton’s staff. Oswald was discussed by no less than Tom Karameessines, Dick Helm’s trusted deputy, Bill Hood, his operations chief for Latin America, John Whitten, chief of the Mexico desk, Jane Roman, Angleton’s liaison to the FBI, Betty Egerter, Angleton’s chief file manager. Did these people consider Oswald a threat? No. They considered him an asset to be used. Angleton and the Mexico City station were constantly looking for ways to penetrate the Cuban intelligence operations in Mexico City. In late September early October 1963 the CI Staff used Oswald in their efforts.

      1. LHO himself wasn’t aware for his actions.defected to Soviet union,came back with aRussian women,joined pro-Castro movements,went to Mexico & appeared Russian & Cuban consulate.No way that someone would do all those errors & remain safe.

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