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 ’11 Seconds in Dallas’: Max Holland comes under fire for his JFK theory

In a huffy blog post,Ballistics and the TruthDale Meyers and Todd Vaughan unload on Max Holland’s reinterpretation of Abraham Zapruder’s film, accusing him of “irrational logic, mockery, and distain (sic) for the truth ” Read more

Max Holland reinterprets the Zapruder film

“What more can possibly said about the Zapruder film?” asks historian Max Holland in this May 7 talk at the 6th Floor Museum in Dallas. His answer: the first gunshot was fired before Abraham Zapruder began filming. He argues that the shooting took place over 11 seconds, meaning Lee Oswald had plenty of time to fire the fatal shot.

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A revisionist view of the Zapruder film

“Author and journalist Max Holland will trace the tangled history of the most famous yet misunderstood piece of evidence from the assassination: the 26.5-second long film made by Dallas businessman Abraham Zapruder.”

via Public Programs | The Sixth Floor Museum.

What Newsweek avoids: Fifty plus one: the unfinished JFK story

On the 51st anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy we can see how Americans revisit this traumatic event, a political wound with resulting cultural scars, and we find an unfiinished story, a wound unhealed.

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CIA as ‘the perfect Watergate enabler’

In Max Holland’s fine piece about Watergate reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein there appears this passage about the sausage factory of Washington journalism.

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National Archives sued over sealed RFK records at JFK Library

Max Holland

The lawsuit was filed last week by the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch on behalf of author Max Holland. The records may well contain information related to the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

From the Boston Globe:

“The records, whose existence was first detailed by the Globe last year, cover sensitive intelligence operations overseen by [Robert] Kennedy during the presidency of his brother and Lyndon Johnson.”

“The contents of the requested boxes include subjects ranging from the Central Intelligence Agency to the minutes from meetings of the so-called ‘special group’ that RFK chaired, and his personal notes on Cuba.”

I asked Holland, via email, how he selected the documents he is seeking. He replied:
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Is Max Holland right about JFK and Cuba?

Max Holland unearths a JFK-related document recently found in Bobby Kennedy’s papers. The story it tells provides a granular look at the workings of President Kennedy’s Cuba policy on the eve of the disaster in Dallas. Read more

NatGeo’s un-journalism on JFK

The re-broadcast of National Geographic’s JFK documentary, The Lost Bullet, in Canada last weekend is another reminder of how stilted and weird the mainstream media discussion of JFK assassination is. I haven’t seen the film yet, so I won’t comment on the particulars of its thesis.

But the film’s not-terribly relevant point illuminates a curious phenomenon: how the obsession with conspiracy distorts, defines and limits the editorial vision of news organizations. It is a species of un-journalism.

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Judicial Watch lawsuit seeks 7 JFK records in RFK’s papers

Who says the government can’t keep a JFK secret?

Author Max Holland and the watchdog group Judicial Watch sued the National Archives earlier this month for seven records related to the JFK’s assassination that are held in the unreleased papers of Robert F. Kennedy. Like my lawsuit for CIA JFK records, Holland’s complaint shows the government is very capable of keeping JFK secrets.

Judicial Watch press release has the details. Read more