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Its a wrap! NatGeo finishes filming ‘Killing Kennedy’

The National Geographic has finished filming for ‘Killing Kennedy,” a feature film based on Bill O’Reilly’s book of the same name, according to The Washington Post. The book isn’t very good so hopes for the movie are not high. I think the film will be mostly interesting as an artifact in the annals of denial.

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Autopsy of ‘Parkland,’ the JFK movie that was DOA

Last month, in an empty movie theater in Washington, DC, I saw “Parkland,” the Tom Hanks-Peter Landesmann film about the assassination of President Kennedy. I was so underwhelmed I didn’t know what to say.

The fact that the movie tanked at the box office and puzzled critics indicated its presentation of JFK’s murder as a fairly ordinary homicide in Texas had no resonance, even with elite media organizations imbued with a cultural affinity for the lone gunman theory. So I decided I would write something after the 50th anniversary and I never got around to it.

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