The biography of Lee Harvey Oswald in 4:16

Corbett Report

Corbett Report on Oswald

On November 22, James Corbett posted a succinct take on the assassination of President Kennedy. He tells the story of one Lee. H. Oswald in an economic five minutes.

Fact check:

I don’t think Oswald returned to the United States from Russia on a military jet. But point well taken. It sure is interesting that it was a possibility.

Listen here:


  1. GM says:

    I am just reading Not in Your Lifetime at the moment. Did Ruth Paine not get Oswald the job in the TSBD instead of de Mohrenschildt?

  2. B Binnie says:

    An unidentified benefactor paid the Oswald’s $ 1,200 passage aboard a Dutch or Beligum based passenger liner as I reacall-

    • Robert Harper says:

      It is my understanding that LHO secured a LOAN from the State Dept for about $435- which is about #3200 todays money -and traveled with family on the SS Maasdam, out of Rotterdam, for a 10 day or so trip to NYC. He repaid the State Dept for this money. (pretty good for a “traitor”;when wife and I had trouble with Visa extension few years back, the State Dept gave zilch interest in our plight about getting back to the States. But then again, we were not recent traitors, so maybe that was the difference.)

  3. Jean Davison says:

    The featured video at that link is extremely, extremely inaccurate and misleading. Ruby did not claim that his act was “part of a conspiracy”– he came to believe that there was a conspiracy to make it *look* that way. Oswald *was* charged with the President’s murder. Oswald didn’t “waltz back” into the country; it took him over a year to arrange his return, and many other defectors during that time also returned. There’s no evidence LBJ told Earl Warren to find a lone assassin. And on, and on

    • John Kirsch says:

      From the WC report: “At 11:26 p.m. Fritz signed the complaint charging Oswald with the murder of President Kennedy.”

  4. anonymous says:

    “There’s no evidence LBJ told Earl Warren to find a lone assassin”

    But deputy Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach sent the White House a memo proposing a course of action:
    “The public must be satisfied that Oswald was the assassin; that he did not have confederates who are still at large; and that evidence was such that he would have been convicted at trial.”
    Ruth and Michael Paine, the couple who became fast friends with the Oswalds in1963.

    Has there been a FOI request for the Paines? It sounds like the Paines (Michael Paine) might have been working with the CIA’s DRE with Joannides’:

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