Nov. 22 tapes: ‘Somebody made decisions about what they wanted the public to know and hear ‘

“The government created these recordings. The editing shows that somebody made decisions about what they wanted the public to know and hear and what they didn’t want the public to know and hear.”

Audio engineer Ed Primeau on tapes of conversations from Air Force One, the presidential jet, on November 22, 1963, the day President John F. Kennedy was shot dead in Dallas.

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Listen to the enhanced Air Force One tapes from November 22, 1963, in four parts, as prepared by Primeau Forensics.


  1. Gary says:

    I look forward to any forums or discussions you may have. I’ve studied this conspiracy for 33 years and feel I have a lot to offer to most symposiums.

  2. Hans Trayne says:

    In addition to the AF-1 edited recordings, the same can be said for most (if not all) the evidence in the JFK murder case. Films were mutilated, scenes omitted & forged, medical & forensic evidence destroyed or fabricated…on & on.

    This is a primary reason the work effort sincere & honest JFK researchers/authors/historians/technical & other experts(such as Jeff Morley) & a precious few others is so important to history & for us as humans trying to understand the forces around us that created this horrific event in our past. The ones fighting the release of the truth want the global public to overlook that the evidence in the case was ‘sanitized’ by a number of people in an effort to distort the truth & deceive.

  3. Willy Bova says:

    Jeff I read your Dallas news piece on the AF1 tapes, and I have a question, where did you get the information the Air Force dispatched a plane to Wairton AFB or Camp X as some called it? In General LeMay’s official biography he claims to have been in Northern Michigan the day of the Assassination, how does he get from Northern Michigan to Wairton AFB Canada and depart at 4:04 pm Eastern time, 150 minutes after the Assassination? It makes no sense. Besides training Assassins for WW2 and Cold War assignments what else took place at Wairton AFB in 1963 any Continuity of Government functions, or radio facilities? Has anyone ever researched Canadian sources about Wairton AFB the day of the Assassination? How long was General Lemay in Canada? Did he clear customs etc? Was he actually in Michigan? If he was in Michigan why didn’t the Air Force dispatch a plane to Michigan? It would seem like the next logical step in the curious new previously redacted information released from the AF1 tapes. Perhaps that loose end should be closed, just what was General Lemay doing in Canada and why did he lie about his whereabouts?



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