RFK: CIA director said two people involved in JFK shooting

“I asked him [RFK], perhaps tactlessly, about Oswald. He said that there could be no serious doubt that he was guilty, but there was still argument whether he did it by himself or as part of a larger plot, whether organized by Castro or by gangsters. He said that the FBI thought he had done it by himself, but that McCone thought there were two people involved in the shooting.”

— Arthur Schlesinger writing about a conversation with Robert Kennedy on Dec. 5, 1963, quoted in Schlesinger’s Journals: 1952-2000, p. 214.


  1. bogman says:

    Wow. Never knew that’s what McCone thought.

    I finally agree with the CIA.

  2. John Kirsch says:

    Revelations such as this one resonate because of the governing elite’s inability (or refusal) to provide a convincing account of 11/22. Instead of actually investigating the assassination, the elite concocted a coverup and tried to put a rational, official face on the coverup by dumping the Warren Commission report on the nation.

  3. Bill Kelly says:

    I believe McCone’s telling RFK there were two people involved in the shooting was the result of the briefing McCone received that used the first of two sets of briefing boards of enlarged Z film frames that were prepared by the CIA’s National Photo Interpretation Center – NPIC. I think the briefing given McCone was delivered by the director of NPIC and was an honest analysis – the photo/films indicate two gunman; we don’t yet know who was briefed by the second set of NPIC boards, but I suspect it was either LBJ or the Joint Chiefs.


    • John Kirsch says:

      It amazes me that the director of the CIA, a person of great importance in official Washington, apparently believed there were 2 gunmen, but that the official report issued by the Warren Commission concluded, of course, that there was only 1 gunman. Did McCone simply stand by passively while the coverup machinery kicked into high gear?

      • Gerry Simone says:

        It really is amazing.

        However, when did McCone opine about this with RFK?

        Was it before the WCR or after, and did he maintain this view?

    • Jason L. says:

      You may be right about this. Gerald McKnight’s book “Breach of Trust” had the first treatment of this topic that I had ever seen. But as I recall, the footnote documentation of this incident seemed a bit thin. That two sets of boards were made seemed more solid, but the conclusions of each were less so. “Mary’s Mosaic” has an even longer treatment, but that was based on pretty shoddy documentation, in my opinion. Not saying it’s not true, only that I haven’t seen convincing proof. Can you shed any more light on how well documented this is?

  4. Paul Turner says:

    Did McCone mean just 2, or 2 or more?

  5. Chuck says:

    What about McCone’s 1964 memo to the Secret Service director wherein McCone confirms that Oswald was sent into Russia on a CIA mission in 1959. Does anyone believe that memo is a forgery.

  6. Why do you people think Lee Harvey Osald assassinated JFK?

    CIA or the FBI didn’t get a chance to even make him confess.He didn’t even say he did anything wrong so you don’t have the right to even judge him unless you have a full documentry, which you don’t.

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