H.R. Haldeman: “We would be in a position to get all the facts “

“An investigation of the Kennedy assassination was a project I suggested when I first entered the White House [in 1969]. I had always been intrigued with the conflicting theories of the assassination. Now I felt we would be in a position to get all the facts. But Nixon turned me down.”

- H.R Haldeman, chief of staff to President Richard Nixon, from his book, The Ends of Power (p. 39).


  1. John Kirsch says:

    I read somewhere that Haldeman later disowned, or tried to disown, this part of his book.

  2. I am also Twitter friends with Roger Stone who was very close to Nixon post Watergate as Nixon tried to rehabilitate himself.

    Nixon told the same thing to Roger Stone that he told to Sen. Howard Baker when asked what do you know about the JFK assassination: “You don’t want to know.”

    Here is my Twitter back and forth with Roger Stone:

    Roger Stone tweet to me on January 9, 2012 (at 1:19)

    “LBJ had it done. Mob, CIA, Hoover, all in on it. RFK knew. So did Nixon.”

    Then on 1/17, I sent Roger Stone a Tweet from Morrow321

    “Roger, did Richard Nixon directly tell u these things @ the JFK assassination? My number is 512-306-1510. And yours? Can we talk about JFK?”

    Roger Stone on 1/17/12 tweet to me:

    “RN was oblique on this subject. He would just snort and say “You don’t want to know” and once said Warren Comm Report was “bullshit”"

  3. Jonathan says:

    It’s hard for me to believe Nixon would have threatened Richard Helms during the Watergate mess (basically threatening to reveal the “whole Bay of Pigs” thing) if he knew Helms or the CIA as an organization had a hand in the JFK assassination. Nixon wasn’t a dummy.

    On the other hand, some researchers believe the CIA undermined Nixon while he was seeking the CIA’s help in calling off the FBI.

    At the time (1974), I drew a line connecting Nixon’s downfall to JFK’s. The whole official story of the break-in never made sense. How do professionals like Hunt and McCord get tripped up by an ordinary security guard?

    Hunt’s blackmail attempts made a lot of sense; he’d been hung out to dry, and he picked his softest target for extortion. The collateral “Watergate” stuff (the dirty tricks, the Ellsberg Doc. break-in, etc.) all made sense. The story of the break-in, however, never has made sense.

    Did Nixon know what happened to JFK? I don’t believe he was a party to the plot and at best had what he believed to be deep inside information.

  4. Robert Harper says:

    “At the time (1974), I drew a line connecting Nixon’s downfall to JFK’s. The whole official story of the break-in never made sense.”

    Jonathan-Sometimes now it hits me as obvious, but I never connected the dots until I read the short work by Professor Scott linking Dallas and Watergate. And how interesting – whatever Nixon wanted to Helms to think – most of the buglers at the Watergate just happened to be involved with the Bay of Pigs.What are the chances? I mean, a part of me always wants to say, DUH!.

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