Fidel Castro on JFK’s assassination

“First of all, nobody ever goes that way for a visa. Second, it costs money to go that distance. He (Oswald) stormed into the embassy, demanded the visa, and when it was refused to him, headed out saying ‘I’m going to kill Kennedy for this.’…..What is your government doing to catch the other assassins? It took about three people.”

Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro, quoted in Warren Commission Document 1359, reporting on a conversation which an informant named “SOLO” had with the Cuban leader in June 1964.

Operation SOLO was the FBI’s penetration of the Communist Party USA via the brothers Jack and Morris Childs.

According to John Newman, Morris was the likely source of CD 1359. Castro is not the only source of the curious story that Oswald threatened Kennedy’s life in the Cuban Embassy.

See Peter Dale Scott’s Deep Politics II, chapter 8.


  1. John Kirsch says:

    If the scenario Castro described, ie, a supposedly angry Oswald making a scene by vowing to kill JFK, is true, it would be part of a pattern of behavior whereby Oswald apparently tried very publicly to draw attention to himself. I’m thinking primarily of his odd activities in New Orleans. The question in my mind is, why was Oswald apparently trying to hard to draw attention to himself?

    • Dave says:

      Oswald was being “sheep-dipped” (as Jim Garrison put it) as an unstable loser and Marxist by his rogue CIA handlers (including David Atlee Phillips, James Angleton) for an end game much more sinister than he was led to believe. With his fake Commie persona, and his real intelligence role, he was likely among a number of such individuals who were available to be set up as a useful patsy on relatively short notice. After all, in the spy-world, it’s a “wilderness of mirrors”, and as Angleton himself said, “a mansion has many rooms … I’m not privy to who struck John.” The Legend for LHO is thus created, the Official Story is put out in the media within hours, and the Patsy is then eliminated. Dead men tell no tales. Hello LBJ, and good night America, thanks for coming out!

  2. Bill Kelly says:

    Others Did Go That Way – National Security Agency defectors Martin and Mitchell, ex-Navy men, went to USSR via Mexico City and Cuba, via a network that LHO may have been trying to replicate, so it’s not true nobody ever goes that way. Martin and Mitchell did.


    • “…so it’s not true nobody ever goes that way. Martin and Mitchell did.”~Bill Kelly

      As I think you imply here, Martin and Mitchell were agents, thus the likelihood of Oswald being an agent, and this scheme is part of the sheep dipping ritual of agents making a mole run to the Soviet Union.

  3. Arnaldo M. Fernandez says:

    Jack Childs is actually the source, and his original report was declassified on 2012. Newman deemed a mystery that Oswald voiced such a threat while both Mexican employee at the Cuban Consulate, Sylvia Duran, and the two Cuban consuls denied having heard it. But a new approach can help to unravel the mystery:

  4. Jonathan says:

    I don’t believe Castro ever made this statement. Jack Childs SAID he did. Also said Castro was relying entirely on information from M.C. embassy personnel. Which personnel?

    Castro always has believed JFK was killed by insiders, not Oswald. Why would he make a statement so incriminating of Oswald? Doesn’t make sense.

    • Arnaldo M. Fernandez says:

      I believe Castro made this statement because Childs also reported that Castro pointed out:
      “I was told this by my people in the Embassy exactly how he (Oswald) stalked in and walked in and ran out. That in itself was a suspicious movement, because nobody comes to an Embassy for a visa (they go to a Consulate)”. This statement is consistent with Castro’s point of view that Oswald was involved in some intelligence operation in Mexico City, although he didn’t fire a shoot at Dealey Plaza.
      And Childs summed up the case to Hoover: “Castro had nothing to do with the assassination.”
      The Embassy personnel means both the Ambassador De Armas and the DGI Center Chief Mirabal. Who else is needed? Even an indirect source like American-born Mexican artist Elizabeth Mora has reported that Cuban Cultural Attaché saw Oswald at the Embassy (not the Consulate). Oswald should have voiced the threat here, not at the Consulate, and that´s why neither the Cuban consuls nor their Mexican employee heard anything.
      The official Cuban position on Oswald appeared in the works of General Escalante —the Head of Castro´s State Security Department turned historian of idem— and in this brief essay:

      • gerry campeau says:

        Arturo Rodriguez Question needs a answer
        (Former Cuban Security Agent)

        “If the CIA obtained photos, information, telephone recordings, and microphone recordings placed in the sofa of the Cuban consulate, years later uncovered, – why did all this evidence disappear?

        Reflecting on all of this we make the following hypothesis. Everything was arranged to document Oswald’s visit, therefore there was a plot to involve Cuba in the assassination that was to later “unchain” the American reply.

        However, almost immediately after Oswald’s arrest in Dallas, when the requests for Oswald’s Mexico material starts by the (principal center? meaning an official agency) – incorrect information was given. Was it that the arrest was not planned by those who plotted, threw out (did away with) the well conceived plan to blame Cuba? The truth is that almost immediately after Oswald’s assassination, in the coarse and precipitated conditions known to all, appeared the theory of the “lone assassin” and the “Cuban plot” took second stage. What are the reasons? What are the motives?

        These are essential questions that North American authorities should answer to the public and once and for all make it clear about the assassination of president John F. Kennedy”
        Was the false flag of killing JFK not big enough that they had to kill LBJ to attack Cuba
        William Kelly As detailed in The Tipping Point post at LBJ squashed the attempt by Joe Goulden’ and Dallas Asst DA to charge Oswald as part of an international communist consputscy in a number of phone calls to Texas officials from his VP office in the EOB between 7-9 pm on the night of the assassination, officially shifting from PDS’s “Phase One” commie conspiracy to “Phase two” Lone Nut scenario.

    • Gerry Simone says:

      I think he’s being facetious about Oswald as a lone assassin.

      He expresses doubt that Oswald would go there in the first place for a Visa to Cuba, have the money to pay for it, and then announce to everyone there his threat to murder the POTUS.

  5. James says:

    It’s fascinating. Didn’t the FBI state that a week before 22/11/63 in Miami they received a tip off that JFK would be assassinated and the name of the informant was “lee”.

    It could just be that LHO was also the victim of a mass conspiracy. He worked for the CIA I have no doubts and spoke to the FBI also but what if LHO was planted with the mission brief to infiltrate any would be assassins and prevent JFK’S killing. Obviously to get him on board whilst secretly plotting and manoeuvring LHO into that position he found himself in on 22/11/63. I believe this is more likely. He could have been as big a victim as JFK only his name is forever tainted in the mainstream as a line killer nut job.

  6. David Regan says:

    Castro immediately saw through the ruse as per his speech the day following the assassination.

  7. Thomas says:

    Best case scenario for plausible deniability is let a “nut” go, don’t “notice” him, encourage him, then sit back and let him shoot a man you want shot. Give him assistance as needed (other professional shooters) without his knowledge. After the president is murdered you can worry about details like the cover up, but you’ll always have plausible deniability.

    • leslie sharp says:

      Thomas, you might find this interesting:

      “It is worth noting that exactly a half century before the Marathon bombings, another man traveled easily between the US and Russia, with the security services of both countries inexplicably tolerant of his movements. His name was Lee Harvey Oswald. Whatever one is to make of Oswald, the net effect of the terror activity associated with him in no way slowed the growth of the national security agencies responsible, nor was anyone ever really held accountable. “ – James Henry,

      • gerry campeau says:

        leslie sharp They keep playing the terrorist card over and over. I see a direct link from one of JFK assassins to training of jihadist in former Soviet Country Georgia.

      • Thomas says:

        Interesting parallels, Leslie. Thank you.

    • “Best case scenario for plausible deniability is let a “nut” go, don’t “notice” him, encourage him”~Thomas

      This commentary is based on the presumption that Oswald was a “nut”.
      The evidence unfolded indicates that Oswald was far from a nut, but rather an agent trying to infiltrate the exiled Cuban groups that were hell bent for revenge after “the Bay of Pigs thing” – the ludicrous theory of ‘Oswald’s Game’ aside.

      • Thomas says:

        I put “nut” in parenthesis because I don’t believe he was that. But he may well have been a loose cannon.

    • Ramon F Herrera says:


      “encourage him, then sit back and let him shoot a man you want shot. ”


      I find that version very hard to believe. Nobody was more shocked and surprised by the development at 12:30 than Lee himself.

      At the most, Lee showed to be capable of shooting Far Right wackos. He and Marina liked the presidential couple.

      You don’t gain fame and notoriety by shooting a beloved president.

      “We were never able to place Oswald in the 6th. floor at the time of the shooting”

      -Chief of Dallas Police, years later, after the fear had passed

      • Thomas says:

        I believe that Oswald was manipulated, I don’t know by who, although interesting theories have been posted at this site. I believe he came to work with a gun in a package, I know the size of the package can be debated endlessly, but sometimes an open-minded observer must accept the obvious implications. Oswald was part of something. His actions after the murder are also beyond the realm of an innocent man.

        I also believe this approach was used in the other murders of the 60s, including MLK and RFK, perhaps more beyond the 60s.

    • Ronnie Wayne says:

      Best case scenario is to manage the “nut” and direct him to create a legend as such. Then plant him in position to become a fall guy, or “patsy”. With cutout’s and sheep dipping you still maintain Plausible Deniability.
      Oswald was no nut or he wouldn’t have been given radar training and security clearance for Atsugi and the U2, much less sent to the USSR to tell them of of it (=Dulles & Co. sabotaging Eisenhower Peace talks).

  8. David Regan says:

    Fidel Castro – Concerning the Facts and Consequences of the Tragic Death of President John F. Kennedy, 11-23-63: History Will Not Absolve Us

  9. lysias says:

    The first volume of John Newman’s new multivolume work on the JFK assassination, Where Angels Might Tread, is now out. I just got it on Kindle.

    • lysias says:

      Sorry, wrong title. Newman’s new book (which I have now begun reading) is entitled Where Angels Tread Lightly.

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