‘Onward through the fog’

A faithful reader writes about one name dominating the “What Readers Are Saying” box.

“I am aware of the site’s policy and did notice the discrepancy this morning. Frankly, I didn’t really mind, but I know you try to be consistent. Photon’s posts, while frequently irritating, at the same time can stimulate me to dig deeper into my own modest studies, and Photon is furiously trying to make a case. As Oat Willie used to say, “Onward! Through the fog!”

Hear, hear. We are trying to clarify on this site, not denounce. Thanks for your support.


  1. John Kirsch says:

    In March I asked Jefferson Morley to refund my $20 donation because I was unhappy with the way this site is moderated.
    On March 21 I received an email from Morley in which he asked for my address and promised to send me $40 per a double-your-money-back guarantee he said was in effect.
    I responded with an email in which I provided the address for my lawyer in Des Moines. (I live in Mexico, which has unreliable mail delivery.)
    I’m currently in Des Moines and when I stopped in to see my lawyer today he told me he has not received any mail for me.

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