Oliver Stone wraps up ’50 Reasons for 50 Years’

In the last installment of this epic and enlightening series, host Len Osanic talks to the director of “America’s Untold History” about JFK’s enemies without reference to the assassination. Rather, Stone compares JFK to his predecessor Dwight Eisenhower and successor Lyndon B. Johnson and explores what an unusual president he was in resisting the pressure for militarization and war.


  1. Jonathan says:

    I listened to this excellent program over the weekend. Thanks for bringing it here from Black Op Radio.

    Oliver Stone demonstrates to me he grasps the significance of the Kennedy presidency against the background of American officials who wanted war with Cuba or the Soviet Union at any cost.

    The whole program is chilling. For me, the most chilling part is the recounting of how the White House Situation Room, under the command of George McBundy, sent messages to AF 1 and the cabinet plane returning from Hawaii. The messages, sent early to mid-afternoon on 11-22-63, stated that Kennedy had been killed by Lee Harvey Oswald, acting alone; that Oswald was in custody; that there was no conspiracy.

    Shorter McBundy: That’s the official history.

    • Photon says:

      Who is McBundy? If you can’t even get something as elemental as a name correct how can anybody believe you know the subject or have a rational interpretation?

      • JeffreyH says:

        I have been reading the posts on this website since almost it’s inception. While I don’t know who you are or what your “Photon” moniker is supposed to mean, I can surmise that your occasional interjections are mostly digs and are meant to inflame and not warranted. This most likely won’t be posted or will be deleted by Jeff, just wanted to speak my mind.

  2. TLR says:

    A great ending to a great series. I do have to disagree with Stone that Hoover wasn’t so bad. Some of his FBI agents did great field work – that is true – but Hoover cherry-picked the parts he would allow the WC to see. And if you’ve read Anthony Summers and other authors on Hoover, you know what a thoroughly dishonest and corrupt person he was.

  3. Hans Trayne says:

    It’s fitting that Len Osanic close his ’50 Reasons For 50 Years’ series with Oliver Stone; both have set the bar high in their visual analysis of the history of the public execution of President Kennedy. Len’s YouTube efforts are a directional signal to sincere researchers & would-be film makers on how to work around a media blacklist that excludes them, focusing instead on forcing media propaganda down the public’s throat in regard to JFK’s death & the failure of the US government to prosecute his killers & bring global acceptable closure to his murder.

    For their tireless, unselfish, sincere & dedicated efforts in this truth & transparency crusade Osanic, Stone, YouTube & dozens of researchers, authors & historians around the world deserve our sincerest thanks & gratitude. I proud of them all.

  4. JSA says:

    I’d like to know: Is it ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN (documentable) that the WH Situation Room sent out the LHO information when they did? I’m not saying it didn’t happen; I’m just asking if this is documentable. If it is, it is pretty damning. I’ll bet someone out there will challenge this however. That’s why I’d like to know how verifiable it is.

  5. Larry Hancock says:

    The Situation Room’s messages are documented and timestamped in the transcript of the Andrews communication with AF1 which is taped, as well as Andrews communications with other sources desiring to be connected to AF1 such as the Congressional aircraft out over the Pacific. See Bill Kelley’s fine AF1 work on his blog:


    However, the Situation Room, very much new at the time, was often just passing along information off the AP wire or the commercial television channels. Which of course did report the capture of the suspect, naming him as Lee Oswald.

  6. Photon says:

    Coleridge was more into a “willing suspension of reality”-sound familiar?

  7. Photon says:

    Even if Krushchev had been killed by the KGB in broad daylight we would never have heard about it.
    Your naïveté in believing that any information about a political assassination in the U.S.S.R. would be a matter of public debate or even knowledge is astounding
    Just look at the Kirov assassination, or the Caribbean equivalent of Cienfuegos.

  8. Photon says:

    Interesting. Of course you know what Kerouac said about Des Moines .

  9. TLR says:

    Yes, that is David Belin. He wrote two terrible books defending the WC, as well as his involvement in the Rockefeller Commission.

  10. JSA says:

    Kerouac? Why rely on an alcoholic “beatnik bum”? What the heck does he know?
    -using the Photon method of smear the messenger

  11. Ronnie Wayne says:

    No. What did he say about Des Moines and what did it have to do with the execution?

  12. Paulf says:

    As much as I agree with you, what the majority of people think doesn’t mean a whole lot. And it allows him to change the topic from the only thing that matters, which is trying to ascertain the facts.

    The way to challenge him is to ask him to back up his assertions, which he almost never can do.

  13. Photon says:

    Probably for the same reason that a 2012 Gallup Poll reported that 46% of Americans believed in Creationism and only 15% believed in evolution. They are not educated on the subject or have preconceived notions that cloud their abilities to rationally evaluate the facts.
    The percentages of people that believe that something is true has absolutely nothing to do with whether that something actually is true.
    Most people in this country have little interest in the JFK assassination or any reasonable knowledge of the facts. The other day I was discussing this topic with a highly educated and intelligent friend who happens to be a surgeon.Despite having an opinion on the subject, he was totally unaware of the murder of J.D. Tippit. Anecdotally I have come across a lot of similar superficial knowledge of the subject; aside from a few zealots virtually all of the folks that I know who have any real knowledge on the subject have come over to the Lone Nut side. That includes many who originally favored a conspiracy. As no evidence has come out implicating anybody but Oswald they have accepted that no evidence of a conspiracy most logically means that there is no conspiracy.

  14. Photon says:

    Well, obviously you folks don’t appreciate great literature.
    The comment from “On the Road” was very complimentary to certain citizens of Des Moines.

  15. Rick says:

    No evidence? How can it be explained how the purported 2 shots from Oswald rifle that hit the president could produce such different results? The first one in the back travelled straight as an arrow and come out pristine while the other one disintegrated on impact. The head shot was clearly from a ‘dumb-dumb’ type bullet the other was from a metal jacketed bullet.

  16. TLR says:

    Oh thank you so much for comparing JFK researchers to creationists! I also look forward to being compared to Holocaust deniers.

    And you “rational thinkers” can keep chanting the magical “no evidence” incantation all you like. The single bullet theory is as absurd as anything the Catholic Church required people to believe in centuries ago.

  17. Photon says:

    Actually I always do -that’s a fact.

  18. Photon says:

    Rick, when two bullets travel through 2 different substances with multiple different densities at different speeds encountering different tissue shapes that affect velocity,direction and momentum it is not rational to believe that they will end up looking the same.
    Perhaps you should study ballistics a bit. First off,get your terms straight. There is no such thing as a “dumb-dumb” bullet. The term Dumdum originally came to describe special rounds manufactured at the Dumdum arsenal for use by the British Army on opponents who needed to be dropped quickly.
    Dumdums don’t explode. They EXPAND, transferring force to tissue in an expanded area. Apparently a lot of conspiracy experts are not aware of this.

  19. JSA says:


    Photon is just warming up, don’t get him started. I might add that one of his “expert mentor/facebook friends” on the subject of the JFK assassination, John McAdams, doesn’t think that man-made carbon emissions cause enough of a greenhouse effect to warm the planet. Talk about scientifically illiterate! He likes to smear the credentials of others by association, so he’s fair game.

    As to the bullet trajectories and types of bullets fired that day, I’m recommending (along with Forensics expert Cyril Wecht) that you read Donald Thomas’ excellent book, “Hear No Evil.” As Photon likes to say, Thomas is a “butterfly scientist” but don’t let that smear you away from a great book, one that is very carefully and scientifically researched, footnoted, sourced. You can buy it on Amazon or from maryferrell.org. If Photon can get much of his source material from an ignorant global warming denier, we can get ours from a “butterfly scientist.” Hey, wherever objective facts don’t get politicized to death!

  20. JSA says:

    C’mon. I’ve read “On the Road.” Some people can’t appreciate the use of irony on this site.

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