How the Warren Commission misrepresented JFK witnesses

JFK researcher Walt Brown talks to Len Osanic about the Warren Commission’s curious and selective use of witnesses, including:

— Interviewing witnesses in groups, a practice usually avoided by law enforcement officers
— Asking more questions of character witnesses than of witnesses to the crime
— Cutting off Abraham Zapruder when he started to raise the possibility of two gunmen

Brown is the author of the four volume “Master Chronology of JFK Assassination,” available in hard copy or ebook form.


  1. Jonathan says:

    One important question is whether the Warren Report constitutes “evidence” for purposes of the law. It does not. It was never meant to have legal significance, only to convince the public there was no conspiracy.

    What the Report has done quite effectively is shift the “burden of proof” to Report critics. Report defenders know this and wield the burden-of-proof argument on this site.

    That is why, in my opinion, any decisive clarification needs to begin with a well-founded, complete repudiation of the Warren Report. So that the playing field becomes level and there are no a priori presumptions as to guilt or other matters.

  2. John Kirsch says:

    The items mentioned in the list above (and others not included) raise the question of whether the commission was trying to discover the truth or conceal it.

  3. Thank you for running that piece. The full statistical matrices that prove the event(s) were done by the “Dulles Commission” are available in both “Treachery in Dallas,” and “The Warren Omission.” I stand behind the statements I recorded for Len 100%. The Master JFK Chronology, cited in the tease to this, is not available in “hard copy” unless you want all 32,000 pages; it is a CD rom or a series of e books, and contains the material cited herein–and much more.

  4. Ronnie Wayne says:

    The list of such occurrences is astounding and it’s not limited to the statements.
    Beinavedes (sp?) threatened, brother shot, changed ID of O.
    Powers and O’Donnel, front shot, then no front shot.
    Malcolmb Perry, throat entrance wound 3x, after talk w/SSA Moore, could have been exit.
    Statement of Victoria Adams recently revealed by Barry Ernst in Girl on the Stairs.
    Jut the tip of the iceberg.

  5. John Kirsch says:

    One of the shortcomings of this site is the habit some people have of getting involved in long, inconclusive discussions about material from the Warren report, a 50-year-old document of questionable integrity.

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