Exchange on the ‘Bush did it’ theory

Ralph CInque writes:

“I think Mr. Morley is being a bit dismissive of the George HW Bush claim. There really is very good correlation between the figure on the sidewalk in front of the TSBD and George HW Bush, including posturally. So, it isn’t just a facial match; it’s the body that matches as well. But, the case involves so much more than the matching images. It includes George HW Bush interacting with police that day, where he was briefly detained. And it includes all the fishy stuff he said afterwards which makes you realize he’s hiding something. And no, he was not a national figure at the time that most people would recognize. When he ran for President in 1979, millions of Americans hadn’t heard of him and didn’t recognize him.”

Morley responds:

Ralph: to say that you have “a body match” between the figure seen in front of TSBD and real George H.W. Bush is perhaps even more subjective (and uncorrobarable) than a putative face match. What is the measure of a “body match?” How is a non-match defined? The methodology feels vague at best.

Yes, it is curious that Bush once said he couldn’t recall where he was on November 22. But that is not a fact that indicates he was in Dealey Plaza when Kennedy was killed. Yes, his actions can be view as suspicious. But that is all the evidence warrants. To say he had something to hide may be true. That still doesn’t put him in Dealey Plaza.

To me the lack of corroborating eyewitness testimony is very telling. Not a single one of the hundreds of people who talked about their experience that day ever mentioned seeing George H.W. Bush, not even in retrospect.

Bush was a public figure in Texas. He was known in the oil industry as for his East Coast roots and Wall Street connections. He was known among Republicans as the chairman of the Harris County Republican party. He had made headlines as a candidate for the U.S. Senate. He had critciized JFK’s civil rights bill.

If he had been walking around Dealey Plaza you would thing at least one person would have said “George Bush was there” or “that fella running for U.S. Senate was standing by the wall.” There is no such testimony and never has been for 50 years. The GHWB theory has been circulating for years now and no one, to my knowledge, has come forward to say, “I saw him there.” Absent such corroboration, I see no reason to believe that Bush was in Dealey Plaza, much less than he had any role in the gunfire.



  1. JSA says:

    I have a thought to add on this. If George H. W. Bush WAS involved in some way with the JFK assassination, why would he want to go out in the daylight where the shooting happened at Dealey, thus unnecessarily drawing perhaps some suspicion in the future that he wouldn’t want or need? It doesn’t make sense. I still haven’t ruled out the possibility that he was involved in some way, maybe through the CIA, or through his oil business connections, or political connections at that time. I read somewhere that when Bush became director at CIA, one of the things he did was ask to look at the JFK assassination files they had. Back in the seventies, as the House Select Committee was getting ready to reopen the case, the JFK assassination was a hot topic. Certainly it was hot at Langley, and viewed in retrospect with regard to Joannides and the sealed files, probably still is over there.

    Putting Bush in Dealey Plaza seems a bit far fetched (not impossible, mind you). But far fetched. The one figure I’ve always wondered about is Ed Lansdale. Anybody know much about him?

  2. SMGalbraith says:

    It’s pretty disappointing that Mr. Morley thinks it’s necessary to respond to this absurdity.

    So, the question needs to be asked: Is this a sober and serious JFK assassination website or will it allow far fetched and ridiculous theories to be put forward? And then, even worse, addressed?

    • George Simmons says:

      I share your concerns with regards to far fetched and ridiculous theories.
      However, this site, in my opinion, needs to be a site where ALL theories can be put forward and discussed in a respectful and rational way.
      That is what this site achieves, and that is what makes it one of the best JFK sites there is.

  3. jeffc says:

    Russ Baker’s “Family Of Secrets” places Bush in Tyler, Texas at the time of the shooting, speaking to about 100 Kiwanis Club members. That’s a pretty solid alibi. Baker’s book does note a few oddities surrounding this – including a strained letter written by Barbra Bush, less than forthright recollections, and Bush’s strange identification of a possible suspect to the FBI. The reference to “George Bush of the CIA” in a Hoover memoranda, discovered by Joseph McBride, has never been adequately explained. That clue is far more enticing than the iffy photo IDs from Dealey Plaza.

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